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We are a proactive and technologically oriented Flexible packaging company that has the expertise and years of successful operating experience to perform its operations efficiently and effectively by concentrating on its core activities while deploying the latest in Flexible technology. We have been gradually increasing its market share and level of operations, diversifying its products and services, and taking advantage of the changing flexible packaging environment and the tremendous growth opportunities available in the regions it serves.

We have strived to deliver the finest quality and service in the flexible packaging industry. Our results speak for themselves. Today we are one of the largest packaging manufacturers in the West Coast of Africa with a reputation as a leading innovator nationwide.

We succeed by not standing still. We’re creating the packaging of tomorrow by engineering new films, including bio-based products; developing next-generation packaging that will utilize electronics to communicate with consumers; and challenging our printing presses to turn out ever higher quality graphics.

The Aristocrat team has the expertise and capabilities to deliver creative, cost-effective packaging solutions by leveraging our vertical integration, state-of-the-art technology, and engineering talent.

We’ve been reinventing packaging for more than a decade. We look forward to reinventing yours.

Our Mission

The mission of Aristocrat is to continue providing customized Flexible packaging solutions to its current customer base in Nigeria while expanding into higher technology Laminates flexible packaging to meet the new requirement of MNC’s and explore export opportunities in West Africa.

Our Vision

The vision of Aristocrat is to become the company of choice known for her people, commitment, product quality and effective  delivery.

Quality Control

Aristocrat Industries Ltd. is committed to anticipating your needs and working with you to meet and exceed the expectations of your customers. Our entire organization is dedicated to the goal of finding new ways to add value and to constantly improve the level of service.
We execute a well-established Product Packaging Quality Control System that has successfully passed audits by major Fortune 500 companies in the Food & Bevergaes, and other FMCG’s.

We are SEDEX and SGS accredited.
Flex-Pack employs lot traceability at the finished goods level and conducts first article inspections. The Quality Inspectors conduct in-process testing followed by a final inspection at each step in the manufacturing process. Quality retains are collected and stored for a period of 12 months or for a timeframe specified by the customer.

Our rigorous quality assurance systems and standards influence our products at all stages, from design and engineering to manufacturing and packaging.

We Are On a Journey For Expansion

Our quality assurance well-trained staff consistently monitors our products during and after the production phase. Other than ensuring that our finished products are in good condition, they also secure the quality of the materials used, as well as the prompt processing of all orders.
All finished customer orders undergo an additional process of quality inspection before delivery.

Team Work

Our team of extraordinary people takes great pride in doing the right thing, the right way, delivering a superior packaging product that helps make our customers successful. In fact, we’re incredibly proud of the fact that some of our customers have been with us since our inception – a testament to our team and our approach.

Our Core Values

It’s not just our slogan. It’s our promise. We are proud of our ability to partner with customers to deliver innovative packaging solutions that will increase sales, create value, and enhance logistics